Avtaar Singh
Avtaar after falling down from stairs and catching Nikki
Gender: Male
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Delhi
Professional Information
  Electronics Seller
Friends and Family
Hemani Singh
Rohan Singh
Dolly Singh
Sunny Singh
Nikki Singh
Bobby Singh
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Study Date"
Portrayed by:
Gireesh Sahedev
Avtaar singh is somewhat careless, but kind father of Rohan, Dolly, Sunny and Nikki and husband of Hemani singh. He is portrayed by Gireesh Sahedev.


As identified in the pilot episode of the series, Avtaar owns his own Electrician company. In "Nikki Did It!", Rohan writes the theme song for a commercial Avtaar made. He cares for his children and, though they tend to butt heads, deeply loves and respects his wife. Similar to Hemani, he seldom finds time to be separated from his four children.

Personal lifeEdit


Hemani SinghEdit

Hemani and Avtaar Singh are both a couple. They married in June 1990, Avtaar was 29 and Hemani was 29. They love each other just as any other couple does. Hemani also trusts Avtaar in taking care of the baby, Nikki, when she is away or goes to the hospital.Himani has a habit of making fun of Avtaar.At times, they both seem to have same level of common sense but mostly Avtaar is more sensible.They both share good a relationship.

Rohan SinghEdit

Rohan is Avtaar's oldest son. Both of them have a good and strong relationship. Avataar is very proud of his son. Though he thinks that Rohan is childish, he describes him as a good person. He thinks he is kind-hearted and is willing to help anyone selflessly.Avtaar is most of the time worried about Rohan because of his childish behaviour. Himani has said in some episodes that Avtaar was just like Rohan when he was Rohan's age. Even their faces resembled.

Dolly SinghEdit

Dolly is Avtaar's second eldest child and oldest daughter. Both of them share a good relationship. Avtaar is proud of Dolly because of her mature behaviour. He describes her as smart and sensible.

Sunny SinghEdit

Sunny is Avtaar and Hemani's third born. Avtaar is sometimes upset with Sunny because of his naughtiness. Avtaar describes him as naughty, smart, clever, and intelligent. They share a good relationship.

Nikki SinghEdit

Nikki is Avtaar's youngest daughter. He describes her as "Nanhi si Pyaari si Gudiya" (Cute little doll). Avtaar cares a lot about Nikki as she was their youngest child till Bobby's birth. Avtaar likes to spend a lot of time with her and always saves time to play with her and also makes sure that she is okay in every way.

Bobby SinghEdit

Bobby is Avtaar's youngest child. Avtaar likes to take Bobby to the park and spend time with him.