• Fights and arguments are not allowed here. Do not use bad curse words ar insult another user because you will be blocked for a certain amount of time. If you see any users fighting, please notify an administrator at once.
  • Fan art, fanfictions, and other fanon content is not allowed on this wiki, this wiki is for OFFICIAL CONTENT ONLY.
  • No hentai/adult content is allowed on this wiki, this wiki is about a series mainly aimed at families and kids, so don't post disgusting stuff like that, it belongs in the deep web (illegal websites), not the surface web.
  • If you want to express your opinion about the characters or episodes, please do it in a blog post, not in the form of an article page.

Editing policyEdit

  • Be bold in editing pages. If you see any mistake or grammatical error, go ahead and fix it, don't be shy!
  • Please use proper grammar at all times.
  • Please DO NOT write things such as "Nikki is a very cute baby" or "Dolly is the most beautiful girl" in article pages. Those are your own opinions, not general information about them. Please discuss opinions in comments, not article pages.
  • Vandalism and spamming is not allowed.
  • Please do not insert false information, if you don't know the information, leave it blank.
  • When adding photos to galleries, make you add under the correct tab i.e. if the photo is from an episode in Season 1, place it under the Season 1 tab.
  • When creating new pages make sure a page on that subject has not been created already.
  • Please check for spelling errors and typos before publishing your edits.
  • Do not revert good faith edits for no reason.
  • Most importantly- Have Fun!

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