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Dolly Singh
Dolly Singh
Gender: Female
Age: 16(Season 1)

17(Season 2)
18(Season 3)

Hometown: Delhi
Friends and Family
Avtaar Singh

Hemani Singh

Rohan Singh
Sunny Singh
Nikki Singh


Love interests:
Ritesh, Gaurav , Aayan
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Study Date"
Portrayed by:
Sheena Bajaj
Dolly Singh is one of the main characters of Best of Luck Nikki , the protagonist of the series and Nikki's older and only sister. She is portrayed by Sheena Bajaj . She creates a video diary for her little sister Nikki Singh to ensure that she survives their "special" family. She is the oldest daughter in the family.
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Dolly singh

Personality Edit

Dolly is a kind,creative, and mothering teenage girl who cares about her family and friends. However, she can get easily distracted, especially if it comes to her high school crush, Ritesh . However, Dolly is sometimes shown to be jealous or angry. She got angry at Rohan for bringing home the wrong baby from the park in episode Baby Come Back.

She is the protagonist of the series and Nikki's older and only sister. She is a caring, intrusive and intelligent teenage girl and the second eldest child, after Rohan and before Sunny. Although she might get annoyed or frustrated with her siblings, she is very loving and gives each one of her siblings advice whenever they need it. She even gives her mother (Hemani) and father (Avatar) advice sometimes. Feeling that she won't be around as much when her baby sister Nikki has grown up, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping that it will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. Her best friend's name is Pam , with whom she spends most of her time when she's not with Nikki. She has always fought with Rohan, though it is apparent she loves him. As for her younger brother Sunny, she sometimes finds herself unintentionally ignoring him, although she often reassures him of her love and apologizes. Her catch phrase said at the end of most episodes is "Best Of Luck Nikki", referring to her baby sister.dolly oftern gets angry with her family when they act like stupids . at the end she realises that she has got the best family.she is pretty and has a good voice .in most of the episodes she sings .she is caring and much better than bridgit in good luck charlie.she is not mostly liked in her school when pallavi invites pam to a party and dosen;t invite dolly.when pam is liked in school she gets angry ofternly.but she is the best .she is lucky to have good family and friends.

Personal LifeEdit

Dolly was born to Avtaar and Hemani Singh.

Dolly has a study date with her crush Ritesh. But because of the annoyance of their family, their study date is always interrupted, which irritates Dolly. Also, when Avtaar slips and falls down the stairs, Dolly has to take care of Nikki, while Rohan drives Avtaar to the hospital and they both try to avoid Hemani ("Study Date"). In season 3, we see that she goes over to college and there, she is an average student, with a crush on a boy named Ayaan. Pam is still there with Dolly, and Dolly gets even more distracted from her studies as another new bay- Bobby joins her family. As she is the most responsible person in her family, she gets the responsibility, often, to take care of both her siblings- Bobby and Nikki.


Avtaar Singh Edit

Father of Dolly. His favorite child is dolly .He always keeps on saying "ABC" that means "Avatar Bijli Company".He's indeed a very funny man.

Sunny SinghEdit

Sunny singh is Dolly's younger brother elder to Nikki.He is always interested in making fun of Roli aunty who is fat woman and also their neighbour.


Dolly and Parminder (nicknamed as ‘Pam’) have been best friends for a long time.she's a bit fat but sweet.She is used to make fun of everyone. She keeps helping Dolly in her problems.that is not true but same time when there mothers get together dolly and pam feel very bad


Apparently, Poppi has a crush on Dolly. He says he and Dolly have a "relationship," but Rohan disagrees. Dolly obviously doesn't like him back. When Poppi gets jealous of Ritesh because he was with Dolly, he tries to threaten him to leave, but he doesn't succeed ("Study Date"). One time though he found a differnt girlfriend tellin Dolly that they would have to break their relation.


Ritesh was Dolly's crush and she wanted to dance with him at the moonlight dance at school. Ritesh also likes Dolly very much and tried not to upset or make fun of her that she couldn't dance. One time Dolly found out that he was cheating on her. She was extremely upset but Pamindar made her feel better by making her and Maya (the other girl being cheated) do a song to diss Ritesh.


Gaurav is dolly's boyfriend in season 2.Who is kind of stupid.he likes writing short poems and plays a stupid game Alien vs Animals.

Bobby Edit

He is Dolly's brother and youngest in the Singh family.

Hemani SinghEdit

She is Dolly's mother. She is often very weird and crazy but she loves her daughter for real. For Dolly Singh Gallery, Click here.

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