Guri Malhotra Edit

Guri Malhotra is a tomboy girl in Sunny's class. She bullies him and is kind of mean to him but she actually has a secret crush on him. Guri appeared in some episodes and is apperently Sunny's friend. In one episode Sunny couldn't handle Nikki properly then Guri handled Nikki very well. Even though Guri is tough she is actually soft from the inside.

Personality Edit

She has a tough and boyish personality. She often beats Sunny up when she is angry or has a bad mood. But she is actually soft deep down.

Relationships Edit

Sunny Singh Edit

Guri and Sunny are classmates. Guri has a secret crush on Sunny. In an episode, Worried about Guri's boyish behaviour, her parents decided to send her to a place where a couple taught boys how to be gentlemen and girls, how to be proper girls. Guri was asked to choose a partner and she chose Sunny.