Hemani sing
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Gender: Female
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Delhi
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Avtaar Singh
Rohan Singh

Dolly Singh
Sunny Singh
Nikki Singh
Bobby Singh

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Portrayed by:
Gurdeep Punjj
Himani Singh is the Singh children's mother and Avtaar's wife. She's a nurse and went back to work after Nikki was born. She is portrayed by Gurdip Punjj.


Himani is though crazy, a caring mother. Her dream is to become a movie or T.V star. She loves her children and cares very much for her family but at times she can get angry for silly things like when Avatar talks about his ex-girlfriends and when she realised that they were not married to each other according to custom, though they were married legally.

She wants her children, especially Rohan and Sunny to have good manners.

She is sometimes is very crazy and wants her children to follow what she wants them to do even if they don't want to do it. For example she asked Dolly to play Dinku, the donkey just because she used to play this role in her school days, though Dolly did'nt want to do this.

Hemani is good at taking revenge. She once took revenge on Dolly for lying to her about going to a party with Pam. Likewise, she has taken revenge on Avtaar many times. She has also taken revenge on Pappu Pakhmare, Dolly's teacher for giving her only 25 marks where she was to get far better marks. When Hemani goes to him to talk about recorrecting Dolly's test paper he kind of insults her. This makes Hemani very angry and she started running all around the school behind, holding a mop.

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