Nikita Singh
Gender: Female
Age: A few months (Season 1)

2 years (season 2) 3 years (season 3)

Hometown: Delhi
Friends and Family
Avtaar Singh
Hemani Singh
Rohan Singh
Dolly Singh
Sunny Singh
Bobby Singh
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
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Portrayed by:
Anannya Kolvankar
Nikita "Nikki" Singh is the titular character and the second-youngest of the Singh siblings, after Sunny. She is portrayed by Anannya Kolvankar.


She seldom cries, although she does, though rarely, get upset for various reasons. Nikki can also be mischievous at times. Nikki is apparently closest to her older sister, Dolly, who is currently creating a video diary to assist Nikki as she progresses through life. Many of the Singh family's adventures revolve around Nikki, and cause her three older siblings to be constantly taking care of her. Her older brothers, Rohan and Sunny, are often seen using Nikki for their own benefit, although Rohan shows that he cares about her deeply. However, Sunny seems to dislike Nikki the most although, in some episodes, he is seen being quite fond of her. It is shown that Nikki becomes like Sunny when she grows up.


Rohan SinghEdit

Rohan sometimes uses Nikki to get girls like he did when he took her to a

Nikki walking for First Time

Nikki Walking for the First Time

coffe shop and attracted Poonam(Baby Come Back).Nikki pretty much loves Rohan and Rohan likes her back. They hardly fight at all. Rohan cares for Nikki a lot and keeps her away from harm.
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Dolly SinghEdit

It is obvious that Dolly loves her little sister, Nikki. She makes video diaries for her in every episode. 


Nikki might have felt sorry for Himen that he didn`t win the baby-basketball match.

Sunny SinghEdit

Sunny is Nikki's older brother who is still in junior school.Though he dislikes Nikki, he still cares about her.

Himani SinghEdit

Himani is Nikki's mother.She loves nikki a lot and cares about her.

Avtaar Singh Edit

Avtaar is Nikki's dad. He is a very loving caring person for all his family and relatives. He loves Nikki and other kids of his own. He loves Himani too.


Guri is apperently Sunny's friend(or girlfriend). Guri is very good with babies and little children, which is why Nikki likes her and listens to her. Guri is actually soft and kind from the inside.

Roli AuntyEdit

Nikki is one of the only members of the Singh family that Roli aunty actually doesn't mind having around. Nikki once went up to her house all alone and asked her to play a game with her, to which Roli aunty happily agreed.

Bobby SinghEdit

Bobby is the fifth child of the Singh family and Nikki's younger brother. Nikki appears to dislike him at first, she always makes excuses to leave Bobby out of everything. She even tried to mail him away by giving him to the postman and putting a stamp on his head, but ended up getting punished.