Sunny Singh
Gender: Male
Age: 10-11(Season 1)

12(Season 2)
13(Season 3)
15 (Season 4)

Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Delhi
Born: 25 March
Friends and Family
Avtaar Singh
Himani Singh
Dolly Singh
Rohan Singh
Nikki Singh
Bobby Singh
Love interests:
Guri Malhotra (crush)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Study Date
Portrayed by:
Aakash Nair
Sunny Singh is the middle child of the family. Sunny is used to being the baby of the family and dislikes the fact that Nikki now holds that spot. He is portrayed by Aakash Nair.


Early in the series, Sunny doesn't approve of Nikki Singh's arrival but started loving her as much as the rest of the family. He is known for being a troublemaker, sarcastic and apparently lazy, but can also be dutiful and determined at times. He also has a running rivalry with Sandhu, the grocery store manager. Sunny is also known to sometimes take advantage of Nikki.He also likes taking challenges form his Dad Avtaar Singh .Sunny always has a fight with Roli Aunty who is their neighbour.


Avtaar SinghEdit

Rohan SinghEdit

Dolly SinghEdit

Hemani SinghEdit

Nikki SinghEdit

Nikki is Sunny's little sister whom he dislikes at first but geys along well later. He sometimes uses Nikki for his gain. Nikki grows up to be naughty like Sunny